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The Collectables NFT space is full of cute little creatures, apes and ape derivatives, punks, cyborgs and Blender-built 3D everything. And it’s all totally awesome. Every project out there has value and every artist and team behind them is deserving of respect. Or at the very least, a follow.

RetroSphere Labs follows a specific path: We are focused on creating NFTs that we would have bought when we were kids in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s – if there was such a thing back then. The art from our projects is what we would have seen on the screens of our Atari 2600s, bought in packs of trading cards, or picked out as iron-on transfers at tee-shirt shops.

The Big Bodacious Picture

Everything we do at RetroSphere Labs is true to our name – Retro-inspired projects that remind us and our community of decades past. Primarily focused around 1980’s and 1990’s pop-culture (with several nods to the 1970’s), our projects reach back in time and make what was old new again. Beyond the decades of our childhoods, we plan to explore the cultures of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and even earlier decades in future projects.

Our first set of projects is directly connected to our youth: the music we listened to, the movies we saw, the culture we were a part of. They were good, fun times so naturally we want to revisit them— and share them with the Metaverse.



CryptoConesNFT is a hella rad project of 5500 totally awesome, 100% original cone avatars that take you back to the future! CryptoCones are your key to unlocking white-list level access to future RetroSphere projects.These bitchin’ cones will live on the Solana

CryptoCones V2

Return of the Cones: Part II will see an additional drop of 5,500 algorithmically generated CryptoCones with a whole new vintage-inspired wardrobe and accessories. More iconic eyewear, new outfits, new references and more fun. If you have a Cone from V1 you’ll automatically be whitelisted for V2.DATE TBA

Unnamed pixel art project featuring retro auto theme

Animated pixel art highlighting an iconic style of ride from back in the days of disco, waterbeds, long hair and bell-bottoms –ultimately culminating in a vintage-inspired video game like the ones we used to play at the local pizza place back in the day.DATE TBA

Unnamed retro electronics themed generative art project

The streets were alive with these in the late 70’s and all through the 80’s. You could party on the beach with them, or drop them next to your cardboard for your breakdance battle. Any guesses? (details TBA). Getting in on these NFTs will give you special access to our Music-based projects.DATE TBA

Unnamed retro music project with graphic component

This project will “fit” directly into the previous project and will include original tracks created by our own team of musical wizards.DATE TBA


Through new inspiration, new ideas will continue to emerge. We will create even more retro music and artwork NFTs, more games, more engagement and more fun!

A few bitchin' words about utility & community

Getting started is the hard part. As we realize some success, we hope to first recoup our expenses. We are bootstrapping our startup in a big way. As we grow we will engage with our holders through a DAO and other programs. Each project will have specific utility in terms of its community reach.

Of course we want to create value for those who join us. Not just financially, but also by giving back – to our holders and to our IRL communities as well. We will primarily support kid-focused organizations: children’s hospitals, boys & girls clubs, pro-equality, pro-music and arts programs, anti-bullying movements, local causes in our respective towns and more. In addition, we will also support all other like-minded projects in whatever way we can!

Like, Fully Doxxed

First off, we are a small team of three dedicated Dads. We aren’t a team of software engineers and professional digital marketing experts with VC backing (though if there are any angels out there that want to throw in, we are all ears). That’s why we are super transparent about who we are. We hope our team will grow as we grow, and we promise to be above the board as we do.

Dom M.: Creative Director & Designer of the Retrosphere. Girl Dad. Pet servant. MEET DOM

Rob P.: Manager, producer, boy dad, sneaker head. MEET ROB

Alex S.: Lead dev, boy & girl dad, early adopter, digital
security guru. MEET ALEX

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